For gorgeous, voluminous hair! Castor oil in place of evening primrose oil

Using natural ingredients for hair and skin care is challenging. You need to know exactly which oil to choose to revitalize hair and define its natural beauty. Castor oil and evening primrose oil are still among the top choices. Did you know you can use them interchangeably? To be honest, castor oil is usually a better choice than simply-looking evening primrose oil which is surely more difficult to find and purchase.

nanoil castor oil


A good-quality castor oil is a far better choice for beauty purposes when compared to evening primrose oil. Castor bean oil’s easier accessibility and wider range of uses are the main reasons for that.

What’s the essential info about castor oil?

Natural castor oil is extracted from the seeds of castor bean, a pretty common plant. It’s usually done through cold pressing to preserve 100% of its nourishing properties. The oil is naturally thick but some brands, e.g. one producing Nanoil Castor Oil, make sure that the consistency allows for easy use and fast absorption.

You should also know that castor oil is a valuable ingredient in cosmetics since it contains unique ricinoleic acid. With vitamins, minerals, phytosterols and other fatty acids, this acid makes up a brilliant, natural beauty product.

What’s the effect of castor oil?

castor hair oil

  • Has antibacterial properties so it helps treat acne.
  • Keeps pH balance on scalp, eliminating e.g. dandruff.
  • Boosts repair and provides sufficient moisture.
  • Strengthens follicles, stimulating hair to grow.
  • Adds volume, intensifies color, beautifies hair, delivering gloss.
  • Has an amazing skin cleansing effect, removing toxins, sebum and impurities.
  • Improves skin’s tightness, smoothes and evens out the skin tone.
  • Regenerates and strengthens nails, preventing breakage.

Hands down, not every castor oil gives the same effect. We need to choose one having the finest quality, namely, Nanoil Castor Oil.

The best! Nanoil Castor Oil

A beauty oil by Nanoil is a favorite among castor oils available on the market. This product has a confirmed quality and allows for all-natural beauty care since it’s:

  • cold-pressed
  • unrefined
  • made of 100% castor oil
  • free from synthetic aromas
  • clear of silicones and parabens
  • certified organic by Ecocert

As soon as you hold the Nanoil bottle in your hands for the first time, you can feel a touch of luxury. The dark glass vial isn’t just made for keeping the oil safe and guarded against the sunlight. The product simply looks elegant and fancy.

castor oil for hair

Inside the bottle there is a straw-colored, odorless oil which can be used in various ways. You can use it like regular hair oil treatment or to remove make-up. Rub it into skin on the head or nails, mix it with other oils or add to homemade masks. In terms of uses, Nanoil Castor Oil gives you maximum freedom of choice.

More details on the product here

Castor oil instead of evening primrose oil

Does exchanging evening primrose oil for castor oil make any sense?

This change literally pays off! Natural castor oil is easily available so it’s cheaper whereas evening primrose oil is usually available just in capsule form.

It’s also worth knowing that castor oil lasts very long as several drops are all it takes to provide elasticity, softness and gorgeous radiance to hair or skin. This means Nanoil Castor Oil holding 50 ml/1.69 oz ensures continuous treatments for several months!