Evening primrose oil - hair specialist

The cosmetic industry is being flooded with hair products that are supposed to instantly repair, nourish and regenerate our hair. Products are marked with labels saying about proven and immediate effects as well as innovative ingredients devised in the laboratories of famous companies. We often fall for such marketing stunts and go back home with lots of bottles which are meant to instantly fix our strands. The more damaged our hair is, the more determined and desperate we are. We reach out for chemical ingredients without thinking whether it makes any sense.

Meanwhile, shampoos, balms and conditioners work on the surface of hair: they will never repair hair from the inside. Moreover, most drug store products contain substances like SLS which disturb processes on the scalp, weaken hair bulbs and cause dryness after longer use.

Using natural oils is an ideal solution to restore balance in the scalp and repair hair. Only oils are able to penetrate inside your hair, repair and protect it, slow down ageing processes and improve condition of the scalp. Natural oils are cold-pressed from seeds and nuts – they are perfectly safe and free from toxic substances.

Oils which contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are the most suitable for dry, damaged and high porosity hair. Evening primrose oil is one of such substances. It is extracted from the seeds of a common plant that grows on meadows. Used in damaged hair care – it is unrivalled. Evening primrose oil is a specialist when it comes to high porosity hair that lacks moisture and bounce.

What are hair benefits of evening primrose oil? Why is it so excellent in hair care?

  • Evening primrose oil contains 75% of linoleic acid (omega-6). Such a high density of saturated acid determines the size of its particles – they easily fit between highly raised cuticles of high porosity hair.
  • Evening primrose oil protects hair from various damages (both mechanical ones and the ones caused by weather conditions).
  • Diversity of minerals, including selenium, magnesium, calcium, makes hair grow healthy; hair bulbs are strong; hair stops falling out.
  • Evening primrose oil controls work of sebaceous glands. Hair is no longer greasy. Dry scalp gets proper moisture.
  • Phytosterols are beneficial to scalp and hair, and have the ability to stimulate synthesis of collagen – main building block of hair.
  • Evening primrose oil moisturises and tames hair, makes it manageable.
  • Vitamin E slows down ageing processes in hair and scalp.

If you use evening primrose oil regularly for hair oiling and apply to dry strands during the day, your hair will get vitality, it will stop falling out but will be repaired and protected instead. One oil provides hair with repair that no shampoo or conditioner can offer.